Q: What type of material is this made of? Cotton? Rayon?
A:They are 100% rayon.....very good quality:}
By K.… on October 13, 2018

Q: I'm not really getting the sizes. i am short like not quite 5 feet tall. so obviously i have short legs. what size should i buy? i am a s/m build.
A:I am 5'3" and bought the medium. I pull up the ankle and let the pant flow over. It looks like a cropped style...and let me tell you they are super cute! They are baggy and I wear them so they start on my hips. VERY CUTE - boho style. I get a ton of compliments. Don't get too hung up on the size. I wash them in… see more
By E Lu on May 14, 2018

Q:Has anyone actually used these for yoga? Do they stretch enough to do some of the more advanced stretchy poses?
A:These pants do not stretch; they are made of 100% cotton; if you want to use for yoga I would recommend getting a size up or two sizes up if these are the pants you would like to use for yoga; they flatter any body type and are very brightly colored.
By ShoppersMom on October 18, 2020

Q:Does the seller have access to getting more size large to sell? I need 2 size large :)
A:You have to wait until the sizes update on the page. There is no way to know seller quantity unless you contact the seller directly.
By FictionalFlings on January 31, 2022

Q: Is this fabric very smooth and shiny?
A: It’s very smooth and soft and not so shiny that it’s cheap looking it does have a sheen to it in sort of a nice way I have these pants in like every color they’re so comfortable. I wear a small but I’m also like 5”2’ & 100 pounds so they do run maybe on the small side? If you’re on the fence go up a size you can always shrink them in the washing machine and dryer but I say buy them I love them!
By PML. on January 6, 2022

Q: I’m size 14, 190. if i want them loose do i get 16-24 or 10-16? do they shrink?
A: In my opinion size 16-24 should be right for you.
By Happy Granny on December 1, 2021

Q:Im 5'4 about 180 pounds would a size 2-10 or 10-16 fit?
Ar:I’m exact same size as you and the 10-16 fit perfectly. I bought one pair then ended up with 6! Lol. If you want them to fit loosely all over then go to xl. It’s the style of the pants and look good no matter what!
By Steph on March 2, 2022

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